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The Mössbauer Drive Unit MDU-1200 is used to control the source motion of Mössbauer velocity transducers. It can be operated together with all of our transducer models. The error minimisation facility of Drive Unit MDU-1200 provides a high precision of the source motion. By means of this facility the velocity transducer can be operated not only in its resonance frequency, but in the whole frequency range of approximately 1 ... 100 Hz.
A 2 x 4 digit display shows for each channel the velocity during its dwell time together with the channel number.The display is based on laser calibration. For this purpose, the drive unit has to be connected with the Mössbauer Velocity Calibrator MVC-450. The desired channel is addressd by a cursor. Its position on the waveform can be indicated by a marker on the oscilloscope screen. A microcomputer inside the drive unit performs the channel-to-velocity conversion. During an calibration measurement the data is taken and stored simultaneously for all channels. A serial output permits the transfer of the velocity data to a personal computer (the software is just being prepared and will be ready shortly).
The deviation of the motion from its ideal value is indicated by a LED bar with a logarithmic scale permitting an easy monitoring of the drive system.

Front panel 10-turn potentiometer for velocity adjustment
Front panel toggle switch to reduce the range of adjustment to one tenth
Front panel toggle switch for switching the velocity transducer on or off
Front panel 10-turn trim potentiometer for adjusting the amplification of the feedback loop
Front panel 10-turn trim potentiometerfor adjusting the control circuit whose signal is proportional to the reference signal
Front panel 10-turn trim potentiometer for adjusting the control circuit whose signal is proportional to the integral of the reference signal
Front panel toggle switch for switching the above circuits on or off
4-digit display for velocity
4 digit display for channel number
Analog LED line indicating the relative error in a logarithmic scale from 0.1 to 10 %
Analog Input
1 ... 12 Vpp
Logic 1 3... 10 V
Logic 0 0 ... 1 V
Analog signal, proportional to the correct value of the velocity
~ 27 mV per mm/s with MA-260
~ 40 mV per mm/s with MA-260S or MVT-1000
Error x 10
Analog signal, proportional to the difference between the actual and the correct value of the velocity
~ 0.27 V per mm/s with MA-260
~ 0.4 V per mm/s with MA-260S or MVT-1000
Preamp Power (optional)
Optional 9-pin SUB-D connector for supplying a spectroscopy preamplifier with power
Pin 1,2 ground
Pin 4 +12 V
Pin 9 - 12 V
better than ± 0.05 % in sinusoidal mode
(with all WissEl velocity transducers)
Double width NIM-module
~ 1.2 kg
Power Requirements
+ 6V 150 mA
+12 V 400mA -12 V 300 mA
± 24 V 20 mA
+12 V 500 mA
- 12 V 300 mA
± 24 V 20 mA
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